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Learn to diagnose and treat important mental disorders with minimal time, uncertainty, or doubt (for Psych & Family nurse practitioners)


Stress Free Psych NP exists to help nurse practitioners (NPs) feel more clinically competent and confident in practice.  

NPs do incredibly difficult and important work. But that doesn’t mean practice should be filled with stress and uncertainty. 

This is the place to hone clinical skills to be a quality mental health provider, and do so stress-free.

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#101 Negotiation: A Four Step Process with Dr. Claire Ellerbrock.

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Claire Ellerbrock, DNP, who shares her wisdom surrounding successful negotiation and more…

The Fascinating Career Journey of a Dynamic and Forward-Thinking Nurse Practitioner

Keith and Claire discuss the challenges faced by new NPs, underserved populations, Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) for substance use disorders, tribal health, and the trend toward the DNP.

Done For You Psych Templates

As a Nurse Practitioner it’s frustrating creating clear, high quality notes in your busy days seeing patients.

There are templates out there for charting, but often, they don’t include enough information or they rely on you to fill in the gaps.

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What We Offer

We think you’ll love what Stress Free Psych NPs has to offer! 

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Mental Health Disorder Crash Course

Learn how to diagnose and treat the important mental health disorders so you can confidently provide high quality patient care. Stress free!

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Products & Resources!

Whether you need help studying for a big CORE exam or need resources on how to negotiate effectively, Stress Free Psych NP has the FREE resources that are valuable to YOU.


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What is Offered in the Mental Health Disorders Crash Course...

Video & Workbook

The course includes videos, templates, and the complete workbook and written modules. Perfect for all types of learners.

Topic covered include

The Fundamentals (including Cytochrome P450 enzyme system & drug interactions made easy), How to diagnose and treat: Depressive Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Psychotic Disorders, Basic Substance Use Disorder Treatment (PAWS)

Stress-free Lab Interpretation

A guide to interpreting abnormal lab results of frequently ordered tests.

The Mental Disorders Prescribing Fail-Safe System

An algorithm that helps you consider appropriate medications to prescribe based on the diagnosis you are treating


want more ease & flow in practice treating your patients?


Learn how to diagnose and treat the important mental health disorders so you can confidently provide high quality patient care. Stress free!

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Watch the free training to diagnose & treat mental disorders confidently & stress free