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Your job as an NP is too important for stress to be a major factor in your daily practice. This is the place to learn confident prescribing skills so you can practice with greater confidence, competence, and ease day to day.


Meet Claire

Hi there!

My name is Claire and I’m a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

I created Stress Free Psych NP, an online educational resource, because I didn’t feel prepared for practice out of school. Over time, I quickly burned out with the volume and complexity of patients I saw. I needed less stress in practice and unfortunately I wasn’t the only one – NPs experience too much stress on the job and I’m on a quest for there to be many more stress free NPs!

I received my DNP from Kent State University, MSN from Case Western Reserve University, and BA in Psychology from Washington University in St Louis.

When I’m not helping NPs stress less, I work in a community health setting providing mental health care to marginalized and under-served populations.

I am a travel enthusiast, Friends show aficionado, prefer tea over coffee (weird, I know), and am known to never pass up a free cookie!

Done For You Psych Templates

As a Nurse Practitioner it’s frustrating creating clear, high quality notes in your busy days seeing patients.

There are templates out there for charting, but often, they don’t include enough information or they rely on you to fill in the gaps.

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