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Whether you’re a nurse practitioner student that’s looking to negotiate your first offer contract or an experienced NP wanting to write efficient, high quality notes, we’ve got you covered. All of Stress Free Psych NP’s resources aim to help psych and family NP students and experienced NPs in practice experience less stress. Download any of the guides and resources below today and start taking the weight of charting, contract negotiation, and more off your shoulders!

Psychiatric Templates Bundle

Get your copy of the Psychiatric Template Bundle to create streamlined, expert templates for you to use in practice. Great for new psych NPs and experienced psych NPs who want more clarity and efficiency in documentation.

SSRI Snapshot

Get simple, fundamental knowledge to differentiate and select the appropriate SSRI for your particular patient.

Free Training

Learn to diagnose and treat important mental disorders with minimal time, uncertainty, or doubt (for Psych & Family nurse practitioners)

Mental Disorders Crash Course

An organized step-by-step approach for how to diagnose and treat the most important mental disorders you encounter in practice. Specifically designed for new or experienced psychiatric and family nurse practitioners.

The NP Starter Kit

A resource designed to empower nurse practitioner students from core classes in NP school to negotiating job offers for practice. The kit includes the Advanced Health Assessment Guide, the Readiness to Transition Self-Assessment, and the Complete Guide to Contract Negotiations.

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